Mr. Antonio Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations- New York - Human Rights Defender
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Mr. Antonio Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations- New York

Go to Your Excellency this letter to express our deep regret and dismay as human rights defenders in the world allow Mr. Mahmoud Abbas delivered a speech to representatives of countries in the thirty-fourth session of the Human Rights Council in February 27, 2017
In his speech, which addressed issues of human rights in the Palestinian territories especially the fake confirmation on respect for the values and human rights in the West Bank، where the authority Mr Abbas Palestinian security police grip and practiced the ugliest violations of human rights and that are supposed to be arrested and brought to trial instead of allowing platforms to hear lies launched via a United Nations Forum.
The speech of Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, in front of you and in front of representatives of the countries of the world in the House look at him as a forum and platform for action for the protection of human rights in the world,
the speech comes as part of a campaign strategy tracking demographic policy of the Palestinian Authority to deceive the international community and misrepresentation of facts by the Palestinian security services, and you can use multiple certificates from institutions and reputable organizations and not the testimony of Mr Abbas authority organizations founded Not for certification organizations founded by Mr Abbas's authority for human rights March trading as stated in the job description shown by Mahmoud Abbas to try to influence you and the world.

Your Excellency general secretary:
Mr Mahmoud Abbas first administrator and Commander in Chief of the daily torture of security devices and exercise arbitrary administrative right of citizens In addition to the direct responsibility of the cellars of torture and public meetings in the West Bank, notably human slaughterhouses in Junaid prison and military prison in Jericho and General Intelligence prison in Bethlehem where does not extend the message of explanation about what is going on there of the worst and bloodiest and most brutal and the most inhumane practices police right of citizens and that comes with less because it is writing a publication on social media against authority or because of rampant corruption in the policy of the criticisms of the PNA headed by Mr Abbas.

Your Excellency General Secretary:
Article "5" of the Universal Declaration of human rights and article" 7 "of the International Covenant on Civil and political rights on the prevention of torture and other ill-treatment, where torture is a serious crime so that the international community should undertake the responsibility to address them collectively, International law provides for clear responsibility requires either extradition or prosecution of the offence of torture, Torture is a crime against humanity, but security agencies headed by Mr Abbas are flouted all international conventions and resolutions of the United Nations and the International Bill of human rights.

Your Excellency General Secretary:
Show you that Mahmoud Abbas for the Presidency and the impersonator is not the legitimacy of the Palestinian people And it prevents the holding of democratic elections in the Palestinian territories and imposed dominion over all joints of governance including the judicial and security institutions and even social media through his Governor, article 6 of the basic law that the principle of the rule of law is the basis of Government in Palestine, and subject to the law of all authorities and agencies and bodies and institutions and persons, as provided for in article 2 that the people are the source of authorities exercised by the legislative, Executive and judicial authorities On the basis of the principle of separation of powers, as set out in the basic law, and also article "36" to PNA presidency is four years, The President has the right to run for a second term on the Presidency not more than two consecutive terms the Palestinian presidential elections had been held for the second time on 9/1/2005, nominated Mr Mahmoud Abbas to the Presidency of the Palestinian Authority by the Fatah movement, and the result was beating in this election to be the second President of the Palestinian Authority, in application of article "36" above the constitutional mandate to Mahmoud Abbas on 8/1/2009 Thus lost its legitimacy as President of the Palestinian national authority since that date pursuant to the terms of the Palestinian basic law The United Nations and not to the title President of impersonator and discredited constitutional legitimacy and popular decisions and protocols being signed illegal and contrary to international and domestic laws.
Your Excellency General Secretary:
General Secretary: as an international organization working to protect human rights in the world and against torture in all its forms and see documentation of torture complaints received from citizens in the Palestinian territories in light of the deteriorating situation on the ground, we urge you to call for a Commission and requires a team of experts through the UN Security Council, Unable to work to close the cellars of brutal torture and public meetings in the West Bank, including the establishment of a list of sanctions against those responsible for the security services directly to Mr Mahmoud Abbas Which we consider responsible for cellars and jails the worst kinds of torture in the world, and we believe she's pouring in international crimes against humanity, We in the international Observatory to monitor and document human rights violations are fully prepared to clarify any questions or concerns you want to raise this particular And attach to you our latest report about detainee Junaid which contains our documented testimonies of what goes into these jails.

Your Excellency General Secretary:
We are after this explanation about the most important issue contrary to human rights in the world and is torture In addition to what the daily arrests and dominate the institutions of power.
And imposed a policy of silencing and prevent democratic elections and contrary to international and domestic law and committing gross violations of human rights, It became clear to everyone that this business has found international law dictatorship to hold all dictatorial regimes in the world, So should Mr Mahmoud Reda Abbas rating dictator, not the President, We must work for the documentation of all violations and crimes and submit responsibility and all those involved to international criminal court That's less than fair to the citizens languish in detention and torture is a victory for international justice and for the souls of those who died under torture in the prisons of the dictator system machine.
We believe, General Secretary of the United Nations and the international community's indulgence towards what is happening in the Palestinian territories and the recent opportunity to Mahmoud Abbas addressed the Human Rights Council Forum One of the most important reasons that encouraged him to dwell in security forces for human rights violations in the Palestinian territories We believe that the time has come to carry out your responsibilities towards international issues of torture and dictatorial curricula And stand firmly against the Kingdom of Mahmoud Abbas rogue and outlaw and about universal human rights bill.

Please accept our best regards
The International Observatory to Monitor and Document Human Rights Violations
General Manager Dr. Abdelaziz Tarekji
Argentina – Buenos Aires 6 March 2017

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